andrew christie playing a grand piano

Andrew's flair for evocative tonal colour and haunting melodic lines can clearly be heard in his filmic compositions. Andrew draws on a wide and disparate range of musical influences, taking inspiration from composers such as, Maurice Ravel, Vaughan Williams and György Ligeti.


Andrew's work has been used to provide soundtracks for a variety of ventures from theatre productions to art installations. If you would like to discuss the possibility of including original music in your project, then please contact us. Here are some samples of his work.

Painted Lives - Soundtrack (2018)


Small Town - Soundtrack (2017)


Cold Caller - Difference and Repetition  (2017)


Nightfall - Difference and Repetition (2017)


Solace - Difference and Repetition (2017)


Difference and Repetition (2017) 

rain on a window cd cover

Imaginary Friends (2012)

new york buildings in the morning cd cover
amazon music with equaliser
black apple itunes
black circle with three waves